Mar. 20, 2015 Ocean Policy Studies No.13
Oct. 20, 2014 Ocean Policy Studies Special Edition (Japanese Only)
Jul. 18, 2014 Received the Seventh National Maritime Award in the "Special Contribution to Marine-Based Development of Japan" category

We renamed the "Ocean Newsletter" from No.311 (Jul 20. 2013)
Summaries of Japanese newsletters
  Ocean Newsletter No.391 November 20, 2016
  Gökova Bay Community Conservation Project Turkey
President, Mediterranean Conservation Society, UNDP/IUCN 2014 Equator Prize winner
  Ocean Newsletter Selected Papers No.20
(No.351 (2015.3.20) - No.370 (2016.1.5) )
Nov. 7, 2016

OPRF MARINT Monthly Report

We present English translations of reports published irregularly in Japanese on particularly noteworthy information related to security, policy, and diplomatic issues related to maritime affairs, international treaties and arrangements, maritime industry, marine resources, the oceanic environment, and other issues. Please check our new website.
From the Oceans


The Ocean Policy Research Foundation was established as the "Japan Foundation for Shipbuilding Advancement" in 1975. At the outset, its aim was to promote the shipbuilding industry and related manufacturing industries through activities such as conducting management diagnosis, financing business operations, supporting technology development and taking measures to prevent marine oil pollution. Subsequently, in response to a number of problems related to the ocean, which is the lifeblood of shipbuilding, the foundation's activities expanded to include research into and study of ocean affairs overall.
In 1990 the name of the foundation was changed to the "Ship & Ocean Foundation." It organized within itself the "Institute for Ocean Policy, SOF" in 2002. This transition shows the process by which the foundation came also to function as a Think Tank on ocean matters. And now, in accommodating its situation as a dual system encompassing a foundation and an institute, and proceeding at full speed with studies on the whole range of maritime affairs, the foundation is operating under the name of "Ocean Policy Research Foundation."

Review of Island Studies
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From the Oceans
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